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New website launched!

Posted on February 11 2023 by Mark Wohlschlegel • WC3W

Ladies and Gentlemen, The time has arrived! We have launched our new DXMarathon website. You can go to the exact same address, www.dxmarathon.com to access it. We owe a huge thank you to Sebastian, KI2D our DX Marathon IT Manager for creating this beautiful site. This is the initial conversion and we have plans to enhance it in a number of ways including the translation of the rules in various languages. [read more]

NEWS from our new DX Marathon Manager - Mark, WC3W

Posted on December 1 2022 by Mark Wohlschlegel • WC3W

Hello CQ DX Marathon participants. I am WC3W, Mark and I have been working with John, K9EL almost six months now in understanding various aspects of the DX Marathon program. Wow, it is truly amazing that one man actually managed this pretty much by himself. It is an amazing program but takes a huge amount of work. The presumption under which I am assuming the administration role was that I recruit a number of key individuals to dispatch the many tasks associated with the program. [read more]

CQ Policy on QSOs with Russia and Belarus

Posted on August 31 2022 by John Sweeney • K9EL

UPDATE FROM CQ MAGAZINE ON RUSSIA AND UKRAINE FOR THE 2023 DX MARATHON: Stations in Russia/Belarus/Ukraine may submit logs and have their scores listed in the results but are not eligible for plaques/certificates (similar to late log listings in contest line scores). Other stations may work stations in Russia/Belarus/Ukraine for full point and multiplier credit. For purposes of the Marathon, this means that Russia, Belarus and Zones 18 and 19 are still in play. [read more]

New DX Marathon Manager Appointed!

Posted on August 11 2022 by John Sweeney • K9EL

Please join me in welcoming Mark, WC3W as the new manager of the DX Marathon! Mark will lead a team to continue the development and growth of the DX Marathon. If you would like to be a part of the DX Marathon team, please contact Mark right away: WC3W at dxmarathon dot com. Mark is looking for a database manager, web site managers, software programmers, etc. K9EL will remain involved for some time to assure a smooth transition. [read more]

Special statement from K9EL, DX Marathon Manager

Posted on July 17 2022 by John Sweeney • K9EL

Help plan for the future!

In 2005, W9KNI and CQ Magazine asked me if I was interested in managing a new contest for CQ Magazine — the CQ DX Marathon. This new contest/DX program sounded very interesting, and I thought it would be a great program to keep old timers interested in working DX. As it was a new contest, there was nothing available in terms of tools, scoring software, web site, etc. Over the years the DX Marathon has grown significantly and has become an annual event with a tremendous following. [read more]