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NEWS from our new DX Marathon Manager - Mark, WC3W

Posted on December 1 2022 by Mark Wohlschlegel • WC3W

Hello CQ DX Marathon participants. I am WC3W, Mark and I have been working with John, K9EL almost six months now in understanding various aspects of the DX Marathon program. Wow, it is truly amazing that one man actually managed this pretty much by himself. It is an amazing program but takes a huge amount of work.

The presumption under which I am assuming the administration role was that I recruit a number of key individuals to dispatch the many tasks associated with the program. I have done this and our key volunteer managers are:

  • Program Administrator and CEO: WC3W Mark Wohlschlegel
  • Scoring Manager: WO7R Larry Loen
  • IT Manager: KI2D Sebastian Delmont
  • Awards Manager: K0XM Chuck Kraly
  • Rules & Compliance Manager: W4OX Doug McDuff
  • Communications Manager: K2CIB John Samuels

You can reach any of these Managers by posting right on the groups.io page for the DXMarathon. We all monitor this site and will respond quickly to any questions that you might have. I also encourage you to frequently visit the www.dxmarathon.com web page. It has a ton of information on it. Furthermore, Sebastian has redesigned this website and we will be launching a new improved site mid-January 2023.

I hope all of you are getting ready to submit your 2022 score sheets. Remember, these must be received by January 5 2023. No exceptions. Although the website does not have yet the 2023 rules, they are identical to the 2022 rules. Please check and double check your submittals to make sure calls are correct, zones are correct, etc.

I look forward to growing and making the DX Marathon program lots of fun. Many like myself do it not because you want plaques or certificates, but as a metric for how your operating skills and improvements in your station have worked.

We consciously did not want to make any changes to the program during CY2023 as we see this as a transition year for the new team. However, during the course of the year, we WILL be making some very interesting changes adding categories, etc to the 2024 rules. Although we have generous sponsors, our ability to make changes will require some financial resources. Although the DX Marathon does not charge for participation, I would encourage you to make a small contribution through the Paypal icon on our webpage. As we move into the year, as we collect contributions, we will more greatly expand the program…so your contributions will fuel this growth.

Good luck —and don’t be bashful— post questions and look on the website as we have added an FAQ.

73 and Good DX’ing


WC3W- Program Administrator