CQ DX Marathon

Resources, Hints & Tips


  • Stations in Russia/Belarus/Ukraine may submit logs and have their scores listed in the results but are not eligible for plaques/certificates (similar to late log listings in contest line scores).

  • Other stations may work stations in Russia/Belarus/Ukraine for full point and multiplier credit. For purposes of the Marathon, this means that Russia, Belarus and Zones 18 and 19 are still in play.

Each year there are pirates, operations that are not approved, callsigns that are copied incorrectly and unusual operations that are valid. We attempt to document as many of these operations as possible - see the lists of valid callsigns, invalid callsigns, and callsign notes. We encourage you to share your findings on pirates, illegal operations or confusing callsigns with us. Please send your callsign updates to the DX Marathon Communications Manager at: k2cib@dxmarathon.com

Many points are lost each year due to bad spots on the packet cluster network. Evey year we assemble extensive lists of valid callsigns, invalid calls and pirates and bad spots - please check your submissions against these lists!

Please check USA/VE zones carefully - use www.qrz.com to check zones before submitting. The number in the callsign does not necessarily match the location. Did you know that West Virginia (W8) is in Zone 5? and that Alabama (W4) is in Zone 4? See more details about US/VE zones and Zone 2 Callsigns

  • When a prefix can count for more than country (e.g. E51) double check your entry.

  • Although you can use the same QSO for a country and a Zone, if there is an error, two points will be lost! We suggest using a different QSO for country and zone.

  • Review your submission carefully and make sure your logging program country database is up to date.