CQ DX Marathon

Resources, Hints & Tips: Software Tools

There are several tools available to help you manage your QSOs and prepare your DX Marathon submissions.

Submission Scoresheets

The official submission scoresheet for 2023 is available here:

ADIF to DX Marathon

Jim, AD1C, has written a program that will take the ADIF log info from your logging program and create the DX Marathon Score Sheet directly. Available at AD1C’s site.

Ham2K Marathon Tools

Sebastian, KI2D, built a web-based tool that helps you check your entire ADIF log and find your Marathon entries. It’s available at marathon.ham2k.net

DXKeeper & DXLab Suite

DXKeeper, part of the DXLab Suite has several features that can help you participate in the DX Marathon.

DXKeeper tracks your progress towards the current-year Marathon award, and can directly generate a Score Sheet you can submit at year end. DXKeeper is the logging and award tracking component of the freeware DXLab Suite, which automatically identifies active DX stations needed for the current-year Marathon award; it’s available via www.dxlabsuite.com.


Gary, ZL2IFB, reports that Logger32 now supports the CQ DX Marathon as of version 3.37.0.

If you know of other tools that should be listed here, or if you have any software tips useful for Marathon participans, please write to webmaster@dxmarathon.com.